Our mission – To enhance, demystify and implement best applicable practices to successfully, and painlessly establish new business in the Russian and FSU markets.


OPKO was formed as a lean, cost effective mechanism to simplify the flow of business for our clients. We can help you understand and analyze your market sphere, and establish a new presence in Russia and the CIS. We can find and create a supply chain base, localize, and execute an efficient logistics network (transport and warehousing) as well as your import and export paperwork.

Equally, for those companies who lack or do not have the resources of the core competencies of Procurement and Logistics, we can create a dedicated back office business center to take care of these functions. These functions will be carried out by specialists who will speak your company’s core language and will work from your databases or our own, as you prefer.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of tailored usable training to help your key staff understand Russia and  prepare you for your first client/supplier meetings and the key cultural understandings to give you the edge in negotiations.