moscow cityOPKO provides professional business process outsourcing services, freeing Clients from routine critical matters so that they are able to concentrate on strategic business issues.

Compliance with the evolving standards of Russian law requires significant resources. Companies need qualified specialists who can ensure that they maintain their accounts and records in strict compliance with legal requirements. OPKO ensures having a partner with many years of experience in the field enabling a company to not only reduce expenses, but also the assurance that its accounts and records are being maintained in accordance with current legal requirements.agri

Outsourcing such non-core business procedures enables the Client to minimize risks and liabilities due to the ‘human element’, since accounting then becomes the responsibility not of your employees, but of an external provider based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

OPKO continuously monitors the performance of its internal procedures and pays particular attention to quality control. OPKO’s aim is to provide Clients with services that offer value for money, while maintaining the very highest standards. We pay particular attention to every Client and are always prepared to suggest effective solutions, depending on a Client’s specific area of business and organizational structure.

OPKO offers the following services:

  • General accounting and tax accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • HR Administration
  • Legal services
  • Consultancy service