newspaperBelow are articles and other information from the OPKO team and outside sources to help you understand the business environment in Russia.



Anglo-Russian business and the ‘Cervix of Hamon effect’ – Paul Goncharoff

Bringing Trust Into Russia’s Business Culture – Paul Goncharoff

In the Last 10 Years the Russian Market Changed Beyond Recognition – Paul Goncharoff

On Balance, Sanctions Have Consolidated the Russian Economy – Paul Goncharoff

Doing Business in Russia: Enormous Opportunity, But Understand the Market – Paul Goncharoff

Doing Business in Russia Is No Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma – Paul Goncharoff

Мировая Бизнес Этика. Мы так похожи, но мы такие разные (Global Business Ethics. We’re so similar, yet so different) Video in Russian – Paul Goncharoff 

An Opportunity Not to Be Missed: Eurasia Is Integrating at Breathtaking Speed – Paul Goncharoff

The Moscow Stock Exchange Has Seen Incredible Growth – Paul Goncharoff

The Ease of Doing Halloween à la Russe – Paul Goncharoff

From Russia with Loving Returns on Funds – Paul Goncharoff

Russia Is a Treasure Trove of Technological Innovation – Paul Goncharoff

How Really Corrupt is Russian Corruption? – Paul Goncharoff

Russia Is the Next Big Outsourcing Marketplace – Paul Goncharoff

With Russia’s Market, Rating Agencies Don’t Tell the Whole Story – Paul Goncharoff

So,This is That Nasty Russia? (Part One of Two) – Paul Goncharoff

Ideas About Good Corporate Governance in Russia Go Back Further Than You Think – Paul Goncharoff

Trump Adds Impetus to an Already Burgeoning Russian Market – Paul Goncharoff

Russia Is One of the Surest Bets Economically in 2017 – Paul Goncharoff

Washington’s Game of ‘Kick the Can’ Could Be Coming to an Abrupt End – Paul Goncharoff

Funds Flow Into Russia: Moscow Reaps Rewards of Low Debt as US Braces For Debt Ceiling Crisis – Paul Goncharoff

Two Russian Brothers Took ‘European Values’ to Court — And Won – Paul Goncharoff

The Russians Just Gave the World the Gift of Hoverbikes. You Can Thank Them Later (VIDEO) – Paul Goncharoff

Your Favorite Rock Band Probably Dreams About Russian-Made Microphones – Paul Goncharoff

Investing in Russia: A Do-It-Yourself Primer – Paul Goncharoff

Russian Innovators Honored at BIT Contest – Software Russia 

Now is the Time to Source Russia – Stas Krapivnik

How I Learned Not To Fear Russia and Made Lots of Money – Stas Krapivnik

Russia Has Vast Untapped Energy Potential – Stas Krapivnik